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  • QW2: Lower Clapton Road & Clarence Place Consultation

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    As part of the Quietway 2 proposals, Hackney Council are proposing to remove through traffic from Clapton Square through the use of two modal filters. They are also proposing a new cycle crossing of Lower Clapton Road, with a raised table and a parallel zebra crossing alongside it.

    The proposals look good at first glance, but any detailed comments would be helpful.

    Please respond by Friday 5th August so that Natalie and Harry can draft a response representing Hackney Cycling Campaign's position.

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  • The Narrow Way proposals

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 0 threads

    Hackney Council removed southbound buses from the Narrow Way recently. Having made these changes permanent, they are now proposing to redesign and improve the streets.

    They propose 'removing the existing conventional road layout and replace it with a new, accessible pedestrian friendly street.

    'Simplifying the street by removing the current clutter and providing new seating and cycle parking.

    'Creating a new public spaces that are flexible and adaptable, and will allow for events and other activities to be hosted.'

    The proposals shown here do not address difficulties people cycling have accessing the Narrow Way from the south.

    Please let us know your thoughts - all contributions will help us formulate Hackney Cycling Campaign's formal response to the council on the issue.

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