Chatsworth Road/Millfields Road/Powerscroft Road New Signalised Junction

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Added by Natalie G

Part of the Quietway 2 scheme to facilitate crossing of Chatsworth Road.
Deadline is 25 November 2016 - so please let us have comments by 18 November 2016 at the latest.

The proposals include:

1 Replacing the existing zebra crossing with traffic signals at the Chatsworth Road\ Millfields Road\ Powerscroft Road junction. This will be designed to make the junction easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists as there have been a total of seven accidents in recent years. Six of these involved cyclists. There will be a Green Man crossing on each approach to the junction and one that will replace the zebra crossing.

2 Introducing a raised table across the junction of Chatsworth Road and Millfields Road to reduce traffic speeds.

3 Creating a new link and crossing for cyclists between Powerscroft Road and Millfields Park. This will be a new shared space with the route for cyclists clearly marked for the benefit of all users. New cycle stands will also be installed.

4 Introducing new footway into the western arm of Millfields Road as part of the shared space. The existing barrier will be replaced with a lockable bollard and new trees.

5 Extending double yellow lines on the south side of Millfields Road, up to the junction with Sewdley Street to facilitate safe bus and traffic movement.

6 Removing two parking bays on Powerscroft Road at the junction with Chatsworth Road to improve cycle access and the bus alignment approaching the junction.

7 Relocating the Disabled bay outside No. 176 Chatsworth Road and removing one parking space to increase visibility at the new crossing point.

8 Extending the footway to reduce the pedestrian crossing distance and reduce traffic speed.


November 18th, 2016 20:00


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